Professional Tulsa Area Furniture Protection

Extend the life of your carpets, furniture, drapes and rugs by investing in carpet protector and furniture protection by Dynamic Carpet Care of Tulsa. Our top-to-bottom cleaning and sealing services save Tulsa families precious time and money. Regularly cleaning and protecting carpets and upholstery can save you thousands by adding years to the life to your floors and home furnishings.

Enjoy Your Furniture Without Worry

Unlike fabric and plastic furniture covers, professionally-applied upholstery sealant allows you, your children, your pets and your guests to enjoy the true beauty and comfort of your furniture without fear. Even antique furniture with delicate upholstery will be safe from stains and spills. Upholstery protector allows you to enjoy your furniture without worry.

Hiring Professionals Makes A Difference

Although there are several do-it-yourself furniture protector sprays available at home improvement and discount stores, hiring a professional carpet cleaner to seal your rugs and upholstery insures that the job is done correctly. Cleaning is our specialty.

Dynamic Carpet Care uses the most reputable commercial cleaning solutions and sealants on the market. Our trained technicians have experience in applying carpet and furniture sealants evenly and efficiently.

Dynamic Carpet Care has an upholstery protection product for every piece of furniture, rug or drape in your home, and we have the experience and knowledge required to choose which solution will work best on your upholstery. We also back our work with a guarantee.

Why take chances by applying inferior products yourself when Dynamic Carpet Care technicians can save you the hassle and insure optimal results?

Carpet Protector and Upholstery Sealant Is An Investment

Our customers rave about our carpet and upholstery protection because they know it saves them money in the long run. Protected carpet and upholstery requires less cleaning and fewer spot treatments during future visits. Plus, it keeps your furniture looking great all season long. Most of our customers opt for routine sealant applications throughout the year to keep their upholstery, drapes and rugs looking like new.

Let Our Family Protect Your Family’s Home

Call Dynamic Carpet Care for a free estimate today, or simply ask your appointed technician about protective sealants during your upcoming carpet cleaning appointment. Remember, we offer convenient hours, reasonable prices and a team of trained technicians that you can get to know before your appointment. We allow customers to view our employees’ profiles on our homepage. You’ll love them. We do. Our family-owned business treats employees and customers like family.

Furniture protection

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