12 Stains of Christmas

The holidays are a time of hidden presents, family gathering and Christmas Day surprises. This is also a time of the year when things are spilled on the carpet. This may include things such as:

• Egg Nog
• Sticky candy canes
• Potato chips
• Soft drinks
• Finger paint
• Alcoholic beverage
• Gravy
• Ice Cream
• Mud
• Milk
• Pet accident
• Jelly

After all the Christmas wrappings are disposed of and the Christmas dinner is completed, it is the next day that it is time to determine what kind of carpet care is required to take care of these spots.

Although there are many different types of home carpet cleaning methods, it is recommended that professional assistance be obtained in this case. Soap is especially harmful to rugs and its residue will remain and create a magnet for dirt.

When there are many different types of carpet marks involved, only a good steam cleaning will work effectively. High quality carpet cleaning does not use unforgiving chemicals that can cause carpet harm rather than remove blemishes.

A good professional carpet company will offer a free inspection and estimate. This makes it possible for customers to determine the cost as well as offer the opportunity to ask questions regarding the cleaning method used, guarantees and so forth.

High quality carpet cleaning does not use unforgiving chemicals that can cause carpet harm rather than remove stains. Animal accident stains especially need to be removed ASAP as they not only produce a bad odor but can actually harm the carpet over time.

Professional carpet care will remove these blemishes and leave no residue on, or in, the rug fibers. Using a truck mounted steam cleaning system, proper cleaning materials, fast acting dryers and the latest technology available, it is possible to make the carpet sparkling clean.

Steam cleaning consists of preconditioning, stain treating and deep extraction rinsing to provide the ultimate in carpet restoration. Naturally, the type of carpet involved will determine the cleaning techniques used. For example, a Wool Berber Carpet is treated differently than one which consists of synthetic fibers. However, regardless of the type of rug involved, the results will be spectacular.

As a rule, a carpet is not subjected to the type of stains that occur during this season of the year so having your carpet cleaned, after the holidays, is a good way to start the New Year. It will not only look fresh but will smell fresh as well.