Dry Out Wet Carpet

It doesn’t have to flood to soak your carpet. However, inclement weather and appliance failures account for a good amount of wet and damaged carpet. When the rains hit, you need to act quickly to dry out wet carpet out and prevent damage.

Types Of Water

There are three different types of water that come with their own potential risks. Each one should be handled carefully and quickly.
Type 1 – This type of water is clean. It comes from a broken pipe, overflowing sink, hot water heater, etc. Even rain water is considered sanitary water. You can remove this type of water on your own without the help of a professional. Carpet shampooers that suck water up, wet vaccuum’s, and fans will help get the water out and dry your floors.
Type 2 – This kind of water is considered polluted. It may come from a washing machine or fish tank. Water from these sources may have adverse affects on your health or your families health. Containing microbial organisms, you will need to have this removed quickly. Call a professional.
Type 3 – This is extremely contaminated water. Not only is it harmful, but damages everything it contacts. If it makes its way to porous surfaces like drywall, you may need to replace it. Microbial growth starts quickly and can lead to mold. You will need to call a professional immediately to remove it.

What To Do Before You Dry Out Your Carpet

You will need to stop the source of the water. Fix the pipe, the window, wherever the water is getting in from. Remove any damaged items, or furniture that may become damaged from the area. Limit traffic in this area until the floor is completely dry. Then you may begin removing and soaking up water in the room. Create air flow to speed this process up.

Call A Carpet Cleaning Company

Dynamic Carpet Care can help you take care of your carpets. Cleaning them and getting rid of any contaminates that may be embedded in your carpets. Call us today to schedule your professional Tulsa carpet cleaning.