Green Carpet Care For Families and Pets

Does your beloved indoor dog or cat have unexplained skin rashes? What about a respiratory symptoms that don’t seem to respond to treatment? Such health problems can be due to a variety of genetic and environmental factors. When your veterinarian can’t pinpoint the cause, it might be something that neither you nor your vet considered. It could be the cleaners used on your carpet.

How Could Carpet Make Your Pet Sick?

Indoor pets spend more time in close, direct contact with carpet than their human companions. If residue from harsh chemical cleaners is lurking in the fibers, it will transfer onto their skin and enter their lungs while they are sleeping, walking and playing on the floor. Some pets don’t have a strong reaction to chemicals. Others may be so sensitive to them that they develop miserable skin inflammation or itching, runny noses, eye irritation or even asthma-like symptoms. Cats are especially vulnerable to residual cleaners. The lick the chemicals from their fur daily. When ingested, a high daily dose of a toxic chemical could cause stomach upset or even make your cat extremely ill.

The Solution: Tulsa Green Carpet Care

Unlike traditional carpet cleaning processes, our green carpet care system doesn’t use harsh chemicals. The gentle, natural and organic alternatives used in green cleaning are safer for pets and people with allergies, skin problems and chemical sensitivities. In fact, once you eliminate the offending chemicals from your carpet, your pet’s symptoms may greatly improve or disappear. As a bonus, our Tulsa green carpet care helps to protect the environment, and it’s gentler to your carpet. Schedule your green carpet cleaning today with the professionals at Dynamic Carpet Care to make your home a safer, healthier place for both your two-legged and four-legged family members.