Fido’s Flops: Tulsa Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

If little Fido has recently left his lovely pet stains in the middle of your living room carpet, a professional carpet cleaning is likely to be the answer. Here are just a few ways that your handsome dog or cat might leave you calling for assistance.

Bathroom Residue

If you are currently house-breaking a new puppy, you’ll be dealing with bathroom messes inside the house. While vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and even enzymatic cleaners can help with pet odors, a full professional cleaning that gets to the roots of the fibers is the only way to permanently remove that soiled smell from the house.

Dirt and Mud

Dogs and outdoor cats are naturally going to drag their muddy feet across the carpet when it’s raining outside. Mud that’s left to dry in the carpet fibers can be quite hard to remove. Book a professional steam-cleaning to return your rug to pristine condition.

Greasy Food

Assuming that your dog eats table scraps, he is likely to get grease, sauce, and condiments on the carpet. Grease can be especially tough to remove and will likely require special cleaning techniques.

If you are ultimately dealing with lingering pet odors or pet stains, give us a call for more information and a free quote. Whether you own a dog, cat, bird, or iguana. Out Tulsa carpet cleaning company, Dynamic Carpet Care, can set you up with a carpet cleaning session that will leave your house smelling fresh once again.