Carpet Cleaning And Air Quality

As the summer turns to fall, and fall quickly turns to winter, we are running out of that fresh outside air. We close all the windows and stop letting it in. Ironically, indoor air is more harmful than outdoor air. So what is the correlation between carpet cleaning and air quality? Well, I’m so glad you asked.

It’s Overly Insulated

When it starts to get cold, homeowners become hyper aware of any air leaks around the house. When everything is tightly sealed, your home becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and pollutants. Yes, we all want to save on our electric bill. But the cost is increased allergens imbedding themselves in your carpet and furniture. This is especially bad in the times of coronavirus and weakened immune systems.

Gasses And Smoke

For those that smoke inside their homes, and those that have fire places, guess what? That smoke, soot, and odor traps itself in your carpet. This is especially hard on your lungs. Additionally, stoves, water heaters, and other appliances can release gasses into your home that do the same thing.

Dirt And Dust

It is no secret that these dirt and dust particles accumulate on flat surfaces. There is no bigger flat surface than your floors. When your airfilter becomes clogged, it does not get rid of as many of these contaminates as normal. Leaving you to breath them all day. Your carpet does a good job of trapping dirt and mites until they are vacuumed, but even then the dust is kicked around to hard surfaces. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will help eliminate these from your home.

Maintaining Air Quality

To keep your home clean and fresh, and protect the health of your family this winter, call the experts at Dynamic Carpet Cleaning. We will help you keep your indoor air clean this holiday season.