Back to school, now let’s clean the carpets

Now that the kids have gone back to school, you have the time and availability to clean your carpets. Cleaning carpets the right way means cleaning thoroughly and having specialty carpets carefully cleaned. The types of cleaning techniques could differ drastically. Most of these styles of carpet cleaning are usually referred to as dry cleaning. Like dry cleaning services for clothing, you can treat carpets with chemicals to improve the cleanliness. Unlike vacuuming or hot water extraction, dry cleaning carpet involves several different techniques.

Types of carpet care dry cleaning

Vacuuming and hot water extraction aside, several aspects of carpet cleaning are cutting edge. For instance, using a dry compound with a scrubbing machine removes dirt like a sponge from carpets. Encapsulation and dry foam carpet cleaning do not involve a scrubber. This chemical process uses agents that react with oils and dirt deep inside the carpet. After the chemical reaction is over, we vaccuum the dry residue. For utility carpets, use a shampoo and bonnet system to correct heavily soiled flooring. Similar systems are the shampoo wash or the vacuum wash.

When you have children, it can seem like it is easier to cut corners to keep the carpets looking clean instead of being fully sanitized. In particular, there are certain circumstances that seem like a good idea as far as cleaning your own carpets. For example, it will seem like a temptation to clean carpets after a sewer disaster or mold infestation. This can put an inexperienced cleaner in the hospital with microbe poisoning.

When you need a professional to clean your carpet, hire a team that is familiar with everything. In addition to traditional services, carpet cleaners should also have a variety of techniques and tools. You do not need to worry about an inexperienced team ruining your carpet. You should also not worry about your kids getting sick from the improper use of chemicals to clean your carpets. Call Dynamic Carpet Care and let us help.