3 Tips to Keep Your Upholstery Happy

Your furniture is a big part of your home. Without furniture, all you have are open rooms and lots of floor space. Furniture allows you to curl up to watch a movie or sit down for a family dinner in the dining room. Your furniture does so much for you. How can you keep happy upholstery in your home?

For most people, the answer is that you probably do not do enough. While wood and plastic is easy to clean, upholstered furniture presents a whole new challenge. If you want to make sure that your furniture stays comfortable and attractive, here are a few tips.

1. Clean your upholstery often.

Make sure furniture cleaning is a part of your normal home care regimen. Upholstered furniture may require special care, but there are still simple measures that can be done at home. Use a wand to vacuum the surface, and take time to flip your cushions if possible.

2. Do a good job.

When you spill something, clean it up! Soap and water are good tools to start with, but you can try other cleaners depending on the fabric of your upholstery. Do your research to learn about the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning method, and never let stains go unattended for long.

3. Hire professional cleaners.

When all else fails, it is okay to call in for backup. You can get professional Tulsa upholstery cleaning to make sure your furniture is fully restored. This is the best way to keep your furniture in prime condition.