A Floor Care Checklist For The Holidays

Many exciting festivities await households in the Tulsa area this autumn! Maintaining sparkling clean floors for the holidays sometimes proves challenging at this fun time of year. As you prepare for a busy season, keeping a “to do” checklist usually makes the process easier.

One: Begin With Clean Floors And Carpets

As a preliminary matter, you’ll want to ensure all the flooring and carpeting in your home obtains a thorough cleaning. Fall activities with friends and family members proceed more smoothly when you feel confident your residence provides a clean, odor-free setting for festivities. You’ll enable your carpets and upholstery to showcase seasonal d├ęcor attractively by asking Dynamic Carpet Care to provide comprehensive initial cleaning services, for instance. You might also ask your home vacuum shop to perform any necessary maintenance on your vacuum cleaners, hand vacuums, and shop vacuums: replacing dirty filters and testing these tools regularly helps keep them in optimal working condition.

Two: Prepare For Emergency Spot Cleaning

Plan ahead now for spills and spot cleaning. Stock your cleaning cupboard with necessary supplies by purchasing paper towels, cleaning sponges and other essentials in advance. You’ll make it much easier to spot clean floors after holiday craft-making sessions, for instance.

Three: Assist Holiday Floor Care Whenever Possible

If you decorate with living pine boughs, placing an easily-cleaned covering beneath tree branches will help you collect and remove fallen pine needles quickly. This material could become embedded in carpeting unless swept up regularly. Maintaining clean floors for the holidays becomes much easier with frequent spot cleaning.

Four: Schedule Post-Holiday Carpet Cleaning Early

A good holiday floor care list should include one key reminder. Schedule professional post-holiday carpet cleaning at an early date. You’ll ensure prompt service during a busy season!