Stain Removal is Complex Chemistry

The do-it-yourself (DIY) trend is popular. Online tutorials and home improvement tips make you die to try what the internet posts say is easy. DIY is fun and can help to save money, but you should let a professional carry out the following tasks:

• Water extraction on your carpet

• Tile renewal

• Large stain removal on tiles or mats

Leave Big Time Carpet Care to the Professionals

Many homeowners think that stain removal requires the vigorously scrubbing of the carpet only. On the contrary, scrubbing can drive the stain deep into the carpet pad. Also, applying over-the-counter detergents can make the spots worse. When you see red stains here, blacks stains there, or spots on the tiles, you need to call a professional carpet cleaning and water extraction technician.

Deep Carpet Cleaning and Water Extraction

The large stain removal expert eliminates the dust particles, bacteria, and allergies trapped within the carpet fiber. The deep mat cleaning process delivers a cleaner and healthier home. The technician can use an advanced technology steam cleaner that leaves dry the carpet completely. A steam cleaner eliminates all the soapy residue, which can lead to the re-soiling of your carpet, the recurring of carpet stains, or mold growth.

Hot Carbonating Stain Extraction

Professionals can use the unique hot carbonating extraction (HCE) carpet cleaning technique, not water and soapy detergents.

• HCE requires 80 per cent less water ensures that your carpets dry within two hours.

• In HCE, of millions of highly-carbonated bubbles will penetrate the carpet, bring the deeply enmeshed stains to the surface, and eliminate the spots for good.

The tile renewal technician uses the HCE method to improve the health status and safety of your home. Hot carbonating extraction is non-toxic and eliminates 98% of all the harmful upholstery and carpet allergens as well as 89% of the airborne home environment bacteria.