Oops! Three Ways to Manage Your Pets’ Carpet Stains

Between occasional accidents, piles of pet hair and trails of muddy paw prints, every pet owner faces the same cleaning challenges. With professional pet odor removal services and stain treatments, your family can enjoy a cleaner, healthier home.

1. Puppies and older dogs have accidents more often than we’d like.

First, proteins stain carpets. This makes cleanup difficult. Pet urine contains stinky compounds that break down slowly and may encourage your dog or cat to soil the same spot. Pet odor removal products that are used on carpets should combat multiple problems while leaving your rugs cleaner and the air fresher.

2. Pets often track in dirt.

Often, dogs will leave a long trail of muddy paw prints across your new white carpet without hesitation. A deep cleaning with specially formulated stain removers will whisk away dirt in high-traffic areas. Abrasive particles damage the fibers and shorten the carpet’s lifespan.

3. Dog and cat hair sticks to everything.

Static electricity makes your pet’s hair fuse to all of the items around it, including furniture, clothing and carpets where each piece of hair is highly visible. Special cleaning tools fight static cling to remove hair from all surfaces. A thorough cleaning can control pet dander and reduce the severity of allergies.

Ask your technician about stain prevention options and pet odor removal. A certified carpet cleaner can help you enjoy a beautiful home with your fur babies.