Miss Tiffany Tilly Calls On Our Tulsa Tile Techs

Once upon a time, Miss Tiffany Tilly lived in a charming old house by the sea… or was it Keystone Lake? Any who, Miss Tilly was a talented, artistic lady with three dogs, two kids and a messy husband. Unfortunately, paying attention to dirty kitchen tiles was not one of her many gifts. Everyone knows the old-fashioned saying, “You could eat off that floor.” In Miss Tilly’s kitchen, the familiar expression never became reality.

Calling on a talented and well trained tile cleaning technician was never a the top of Tiffany Tilly’s To-Do-List. Miss Tilly’s kids, Tommy, Tammy and Triston required tons of attention. Her husband, Thomas Sr and three dogs, Titan, Tonto and Tally tracked in entirely too much mud after every trip to their favorite tree. Yep, that’s right! Thomas Sr had his favorite tree too!

Our Tulsa Tile Techs Saved the Day!

Fortunately for Miss Tilly, the talented┬áTulsa tile cleaners at Dynamic rescued her from her dilemma. Luckily, certified technicians were able to clean her tiles and make them look brand new again. Sparkling and shiny, the technicians had achieved a remarkable transformation. Miss Tilly was not a wealthy woman and the low cost fit within her tight budget. Excited about the positive change in her kitchen, Miss Tiffany Tilly decided to throw a party for her friends, neighbors and relatives. We could get into listing her relatives but we’re running out of T’s. Let’s just say it was a Tremendous Turnout!

When Miss Tilly’s visitors saw the tile floor, they wanted to know if a contractor had installed brand new tiles. If it had not been for the fact that she never told any lies, they would never have believed that the floor consisted of the same tiles they had seen at her previous party. Even the grout had taken on a new appearance. On the next morning after her party ended, Miss Tilly’s guests called the same Tulsa tile cleaners to make their own appointments.

Celebrate With Your Own Sparkling New Floors

You too can be like Miss Tilly. Call our Tulsa Tile Techs Today for a Professional Cleaning. Call Dynamic Carpet Care and you’ll soon be throwing your own happy tile praising bash for family and friends!