Start Your New Year with Clean Floors

Winter weather wreaks havoc on our carpets. Mud, salt, and grit are tracked into our homes this time of year. In addition, holiday get-togethers come with their fair share of accidental spills. Predictably, stained carpets and rugs are unsightly reminders of the season. Fortunately, professional cleaning keeps Tulsa’s carpets looking their best. Ultimately, you deserve to start your New Year with clean floors.

Above all, professional carpet cleaning restores your carpet’s luster and extends carpet life. In addition, professional cleaning  removes dangerous germs. Over time, carpet acquires stains and dingy pathways from pets, spills and foot traffic. Also, carpets harbor mold, bacteria and dust mites. Our cleaning process reaches deep into the carpet fibers to eliminate these health threats. Additionally, our professional cleaning crew removes all dirt and stains. In turn, your carpet gets a clean, healthy start to the New Year.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • Healthy Home – Clear your home off allergens, dust mites, mold, bacteria and other pollutants.
  • Increased Sales – Businesses make a positive first impression with clean carpets.
  • Improved Morale –We are more confident and productive in clean environments.
  • Save Money – Restore carpets to like new condition and save replacement cost.

Start the New Year with Clean Area Rugs

During winter, area rugs take a pounding. In particular, they quickly collect dirt, salt and sand. In high traffic areas, they become matted and soiled. As a result, many homeowners buy costly replacements. However, professional cleaning is nearly always the solution. Without fail, customers are shocked with our results. Dynamic Carpet Care has a proven history of removing “impossible” stains and restoring Tulsa’s rugs to like new condition.

Proudly Serving the Tulsa Community

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Schools

Whether the job is big or small, we proudly serve the broader Tulsa area. For a clean start to 2020, contact Dynamic Carpet Care.  Kick of the New Year with clean carpets.