How to Remove Red Wine From Carpet

Removing red wine stains from a carpet can be a nightmare if you do not have the right skills and materials. Quick Hint:  you can always call us 🙂
This article explores various techniques through which you can clear the stains and restore the look of your carpet. Your choice of a stain cleaner may depend on whether the stain is dry or wet. Suitable red wine stain removers include salt, soda water, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.


Salt method can be a suitable carpet care choice if the stain is still wet. First, you need to soak up the excess wine with a dry towel. Spread a salt layer over the stain, and allow it to sit on the carpet for a few hours. The salt will turn to pink as it absorbs the wine. Use a spoon to scrape the layer from the carpet, and vacuum the carpet to remove the remaining salt.

Soda Water

This is appropriate for dry red wine stains. Wet the stain with the soda water, and soak up the soda with a towel. The stain will disappear.

Vinegar Solution

Start by soaking up any excess wine from the carpet with a towel. Soak a clean towel with the solution, and work the solution into the stain. Complete the process by blotting the stained area.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide, washing-up liquid, and soap in equal proportions. Wet the stain with the mixture, and let it soak for a few minutes. Using a clean towel, soak up the stain until it disappears.


More Important Tips• Clean the stain while it is still wet for better results.
• Blot any wet stain before applying the stain cleaner.
• Avoid using dirty towels when blotting the stains to avoid staining the carpet further.
• To avoid spreading the stain, blot from the center.
• Be sure to test the stain cleaner before use. Some cleaners are not good for carpet care because they cause bleaching.