Remove Allergens from Your Carpet

Clean, beautiful carpets and rugs serve many purposes in our homes. For example, they add beauty, warmth, and durability to our floors. In addition, they are comfortable, safe surfaces where kids and pets can play for hours each day. Unfortunately, poorly kept carpets can present health hazards. More than just dirt, our carpets harbor bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, and pollen as well as other allergens.

Certainly, keeping our homes clean and germ free is always a priority. And with the spring allergy season approaching fast, now is a good time to think about keeping our homes free of allergens as well. Allergy sufferers know that our homes are often the only safe places we have to get away from allergens. That’s why it is critical to remove them from the home. Predictably, most allergens collect on the floor, in the carpet. These allergens become trapped in carpet fibers. And so, they can be difficult to remove.

How to Remove Allergens from Carpet

Steam Cleaning – Without a doubt, a person who likes do-it-yourself projects can get great results with steam cleaning. Steam cleaning utilizes water and high temperatures to reach deep into carpet fibers eliminating allergens.

Professional Cleaning – Above all others, Tulsa’s top professional carpet cleaners have the tools and expertise to completely remove all dirt, germs and allergens from your carpets.

Regular Cleaning Schedule – After all bacteria, dust mites and allergens have been removed, frequent vacuuming will help keep allergens from being a problem. Vacuuming removes dead skin cells that dust mites feed on as well as many of the allergens tracked in by feet.

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