Maintain Clean Carpets With 5 Summer Tips And Dynamic Carpet Care

If everyone in your family becomes active during the dog days of summer, your carpets will likely sustain more wear and tear than usual. Fortunately, you can use these at-home tips to maintain the carpeting in your home:

1. Take Shoes Off

Debris and bacteria basically live on the bottom of shoes, so try a no-shoes rule. If visitors take their shoes off at the front door, your carpets will stay clean and fresh all summer long.

2. Spend More Time Outside

Do you think you’ll have trouble with enforcing the no-shoes rule? Just move your parties and activities outdoors. People can’t accidentally spill drinks on your carpets if they spend more time outside.

3. Vacuum Whenever You Can

While everyone else is having fun in the yard, you should vacuum your carpets and area rugs thoroughly. Vacuuming is important because it removes dirt, dust mites and allergens.

4. Lay Down Floor Protectors

Thankfully, if you don’t have the time to vacuum your entire home, you can lay down mats. Floor protectors keep debris from building up in your carpets. They also add some appeal to the interior, depending on their type and design.

5. Hire a Pro

Using mats will help, but your carpets need more than just protection. That’s why you should hire a pro today. CallĀ Dynamic Carpet Care so that your carpets and area rugs can finally get a deep cleaning.