Remove Pathogens From Your Carpet Effectively

During the current pandemic, it is our duty to keep common surfaces clean in order to protect ourselves and everyone else.  In fact, medical professionals assert that COVID–19 is very easy to get. As a result, it could be a mistake to violate social distancing guidelines until the pandemic is under control. For a time, we will have to make cleanliness a top priority in our homes and businesses. And after, we will want to be vigilant to keep common surfaces clean and free of bacteria as well as virus to prevent future disruptions to our everyday lives.

It Is Our Responsibility to Protect One Another – For the duration of this current pandemic and in the future we have the responsibility to protect ourselves and our fellow citizens. Consider current recommendations as advice given from a friend to protect ourselves and others. Professional carpet cleaning is the most effective way to remove pathogens from carpet and in turn protect the ones we love the most.

Sterile Surfaces are Safe Surfaces – Viruses can survive on surfaces for hours or days. Research indicates that coronavirus remains infectious for different periods of time on different surfaces. On cardboard, the virus survives for about a day. But, on plastic, it can last up to three days. When it comes to carpet, we can assume that it can survive for similar periods of time.

What the Future Has in Store – Beyond this, what will we do to protect ourselves and those we love from future outbreaks of devastating disease? It will be essential to keep our homes as sterile as possible. Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to get the job done when it comes to our floors.

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