10 Reasons to Seek Professional Water Extraction

Did your home sustain storm damage recently? Tulsa water damage occurs frequently in this area. Fortunately, after a disaster strikes, you can direct Dynamic Carpet Care to perform professional water extraction.

More Than Carpet Cleaning Alone

Professional carpet cleaning services play an important role in keeping lovely dwellings in beautiful condition. Yet even well-maintained properties sometimes sustain unwelcome accidental damage if an open window or sliding glass door permits rainwater to soak the interior of the home during a severe storm. A downpour can leave beautiful carpeting waterlogged and require mold remediation later. Just consider ten good reason to seek professional water extraction from Dynamic Carpet Care in this situation:

  • 1. Sopping wet carpet damages flooring over the long term.
  • 2. If allowed to remain wet, carpeting causes lingering odors.
  • 3. A damp carpet may promote mildew or mold growth.
  • 4. Completely extracting water from moist carpeting remains far more cost-effective than paying expensive mold remediation bills down the road.
  • 5. Allowing carpet to remain damp for an extended period of time produces visible staining in some types of carpeting.
  • 6. Removing water from a soaked carpet without professional-grade tools requires extensive time and labor, and may prove ineffective.
  • 7. Dynamic Carpet Care utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to completely extract moisture from damp, waterlogged carpeting after storm damage.
  • 8. We furnish fast, professional assistance to restore your carpets after storm damage; our service proves more cost-effective than addressing long term problems created by Tulsa water damage.
  • 9. By promptly seeking water extraction services, homeowners frequently extend the useful lifespan of carpets and drapes.
  • 10. Taking swift action to dry out carpeting completely after water enters the home helps maintain a clean, sanitary, odor-free environment.