We love our furry little friends. Even so, like children, our loyal companions sometimes leave us with miniature messes on floors and upholstery.  And, pet stains as well as pet odors are difficult to remove. Certainly, younger and older animals are more prone to accidents. But, pets of all kinds and all ages mean challenges when it comes to keeping our carpets clean. In the end, failing to remove these smelly, unhealthy insults to better living leaves us wondering, “Why are pet stains so challenging?”

Animal waste, particularly urine, is chemically constructed to mark and remain in the environment. In addition, natural desensitization to smells in our own homes makes it even more difficult to eliminate these embarrassing pet stains and odors.  As a result, it can be difficult for the average person to maintain their carpets and upholstery.

Why Are Pet Stains So Challenging?

Odor elimination is complicated because we get desensitized to smells. And so, our visitors are more keenly aware of the offensive aroma of the “little” stains in our homes than we are. In addition, challenges arise from fabric types and frequency of staining as well as how long the stain has been left untreated. Further, some textiles are more likely to become stained than others. Most difficult of all, is the problem with uric acid, the smelliest part of urine.

Urine stains promote bacteria growth in carpets and textiles that can lead to dye transfers and health issues. Furthermore, uric acid does not break down easily. On a molecular level it is very “sticky.” Because of this, it requires strong chemical treatment and steam removal by a professional who knows how to preserve the fabrics color and textural integrity.

Proper treatment of carpets and fabrics that have pet stains is essential. If left untreated, they will become a breeding ground for bacteria and, in turn, a serious health risk. Whether the job is big or small, we proudly serve the broader Tulsa area. If you are interested in clean, healthy carpets, contact Dynamic Carpet Care today. Tulsa’s top carpet cleaning company is ready to serve you.